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Most cats go up to 10.

Torties go to 11!

Tortie Love
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Torties: Most cats go up to ten. These cats go to eleven!

This is a community for cat lovers who own or love tortoiseshell cats. Pretty much any tortie owner will tell you, torties are not your average cat. So this community is for us to tell stories of our torties, the crazy things they do, comparing them to our other cats, and of course posting pictures! Whether you truly believe that torties have a unique and distinctive personality or you just think their coloring is beautiful, this is the community for you!

Is my cat a tortie? Different people will give different answers to that. The general consensus as far as this group is concerned is that a tortoiseshell cat is a tri-colored cat (meaning black, orange, and white or the dilute version of gray, peach, and cream) where the colors are mottled and swirled rather than in big patches (calico). Torties and calicos are the same genetic coloring variant; it's all just a matter of how it's presented. If you want to know more about tortie and tri-colored cat coloring and the genetics behind it, read this amazing and informative article.

We are pretty laid back about what we consider a tortie and what isn't, so don't be afraid to say hello and post your pictures! However, we do have a few simple rules:

1. Please try to keep the subject of your posts SOMEHOW related to torties.

2. Pictures are not only allowed, but encouraged! You are welcome to post pictures of your torties (and their non-tortie siblings as well)! We just ask that multiple picture posts and large pictures be put behind lj-cut tags. Click here if you don't know how to do this. Posts that cause trouble for our members will be deleted.

3. Please be mindful that the community members are animal lovers, and are sensitive to animal abuse and certain hot-button animal issues. Issues like declawing, breeding, showing, activism, etc. can be touchy subjects. If you need to bring up one of these topics, PLEASE put your post behind a lj-cut tag to give the members the choice of whether to read it or not. I won't delete "controversial" posts if they're handled in such a way. I think this is fair for all concerned.

4. Solicitations for donations or charity campaigns that are not affiliated with a recognized animal welfare organization such as the Humane Society or ASPCA will be deleted. Even then, if there is not a direct tortie-centric reason to be posting about them (the poster cat is a tortie, or something similar) then they are still subject to deletion. We are not opposed to charity, donations, or helping animals in need; it is just outside the subject of this particular community.

5. Lastly, play nice, and remember that we're all here to love and admire our torties, not to snipe at each other. The maintainers have the right to change or amend these rules at any time as warranted.

The companion website/clique/fanlisting to this site is here, where you can join the listing of tortie lovers and pick up a code for your website or livejournal!

If you have any problems, please do not hesitate to contact the moderator, thisside or the co-mod, tortietude. Thanks!